Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aloha Everyone

I am new to the blogging internet world so be kind. I have a MySpace page that is laughable :) So I thank you for visiting my website. My friend Maggie and brother Chris are trying to help me get with it.

I am currently following my Navy husband around the world. At this time, our home can be found in Honolulu, Hawaii. With the economy being the way it has been, it is wonderful that one of us has job security. We have a blended family with only the two youngest still at home. I will post pictures at some point when I get a chance to figure that out. Please read more about my current love via my link below.

Feel like I've found a secret that I'm impelled to share... Scentsy Wickless Candles!!! Request a catalog, a sample, place an order, refer a friend, sign-up for my newsletter, host a Scent Event, borrow a basket for a party, and get entered in my monthly drawing!!!!!
Click Here to Check it Out: Scentsy

A personal note....
I have never had a home business (or done direct selling). I have been to and hosted plenty of Pampered Chef Parties, Longaberger, and Partylite Parties but never actually thought about selling anything. I started with Scentsy because I have candle A.D.D. (love too many Scents) and thought the Starter Kit would suit me just fine. It provided a sample of each scent and a warmer which I what I wanted anyway. My purchase turned into much more of an opportunity than I ever thought it would be. It went from a purchase for use, to a hobby, to a love!

Being a military spouse with small kids, it is hard to find "a job" that will pay enough to support the child care costs and an employer understanding of the military spouse single parent situation. When I found Scentsy, I found a "job" that I love, that I can schedule around my own business needs, and I don't have to worry explaining why the burden lays on me to leave work AGAIN to an employer.

I have always enjoyed candles, however, didn't like their high prices. I was thrilled to learn about Scentsy and their very inexpensive Scentsy bars. Not only do they last longer than the candles I used to buy; they are about one quarter the price. I also love that I can change the scent in my warmer every day if I want to. No more burning a single candle for weeks and getting tired of the scent. And with over 80 scents to choose from, everyone will find plenty of favorites!!All scents are strong enough to emit an aroma throughout my entire house. By using a lightbulb instead of a flame, I am confident that they are safe to use around my active children.

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